Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Russia Cracks Down On Swearing In Arts & Media

Russia's media watchdog vowed to crack down on swearing on Tuesday after President Vladimir Putin signed a wide-reaching law banning the use of obscenities in films, theatre and mass media...... This one is for all the Russians out there who can no longer swear at their pleasure, Fuck You Putin. You're welcome.

Reinventing The Wheel

Israeli farmer Gilad Wolf has invented a patent-pending product called SoftWheel. Its a wheel with built-in shock absorbers inspired by him being wheelchair bound..... In other words he's helping geriatrics make a come back

Bioplastic Made From Shrimp Shells

Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have introduced a new bioplastic isolated from shrimp shells. It's made from chitosan, a form of chitin—the second-most abundant organic material on Earth.......... First golf balls, now plastics. Now the shrimps are really taking over....

Goblin Shark Spotted Again

A rare, deep-sea "goblin shark" caught by Florida shrimp fishermen is only the second of these creatures ever seen in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists say....... Meh, I've dated worse lookin things

NASA's Z-2 Spacesuit

NASA's next-generation spacesuit is really coming together, with a little help from the public. The space agency revealed today (April 30) the "Tron"-like new look of its prototype Z-2 spacesuit, which sports an external "cover layer" chosen by public vote............ Why designs by committee is always a bad thing